Superintendent – 129th Street Residence

Superintendent – 129th Street Residence

Organization Description

The West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc. (WSFSSH) is a community‐based organization whose mission is to provide safe, affordable housing with supportive services within a residential setting which enhances the independence and dignity of each person.  WSFSSH develops, manages, and provides housing and social services for low‐ income older persons, many of whom live with mental illness and/or have experienced homelessness.

Summary Description

Under the supervision of the administrator, the superintendent is responsible for proper upkeep and maintenance of 129th Street with the goal of providing a safe, well-maintained facility for residents and staff. The Superintendent will carry out all repairs and preventive maintenance tasks within the building and on the grounds. He/she will be responsible to ensure that all maintenance and custodial work is being done properly and in a timely manner. The superintendent will also oversee projects to guide them to successful and timely conclusions. The superintendent must demonstrate a consistent ability to be flexible to the changing daily needs of the community and to prioritize effectively.

Additionally, the Superintendent will directly supervise the maintenance/housekeeping staff, and will coordinate and collaborate with all 129th Street and WSFSSH staff to create and maintain an environment of respect and compassion, which enhances the dignity and safety of the residents, staff, and visitors.



  • Observe meters and gauges to determine operating condition
  • Be familiar with all operating equipment
  • Be familiar with all service contracts, warranties, and persons to call in case of break-down, and working with the administrator, arrange for major repairs as needed
  • Assure that all operating equipment is maintained properly
  • Knowledge of procedures to follow in case of operating equipment emergency and ability to implement these procedures as needed


  • Responsible for all minor repairs to building and grounds, including electricity, plumbing, heating, carpentry, and painting


  • Assure that area in front of the building, including sidewalks, is free of debris and other hazards
  • Assure that garbage is placed outside for collection on appropriate days
  • Assure that the building complies with all mandated recycling programs
  • Assure that garden is clean and well maintained
  • During winter season – ensure the sidewalk is cleaned
  • Ensure that the drains are cleaned and is free from other debris and hazards.


  • Assure that first floor (except kitchen and the dining room) is clean and safe
  • Assure that basement is clean and safe through periodic cleaning
  • Replace light bulbs throughout the building as necessary
  • Maintain inventory of tools, parts, and maintenance supplies, requesting needed supplies as necessary.
  • Conduct room inspections and take the necessary corrective actions


  • Exercise team-building leadership skills in direct supervision of porter/housekeeping staff to ensure required tasks are being completed and that community needs are addressed in timely and effective manner.
  • Encourage participation, growth, and job skill development of porter/housekeeping staff.
  • Work cooperatively and collegially with other staff members.


  • Work as a member of a team to establish and maintain high level of care and respect for and communication with residents
  • Work cooperatively with other staff members
  • Share information about resident progress, needs, and problems with other staff in accordance with WSFSSH Confidentiality Policy.
  • Attend training sessions and conferences as required for enhancement of job skills
  • Implement emergency procedures as necessary
  • Submit all required reports in a complete and timely manner
  • Assist with other duties as directed


  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in building maintenance
  • Experience and/or training in boiler maintenance, basic electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Able to work in a multicultural and diverse environment
  • Able to perform job responsibilities.
  • Able to speak, read, and write English (as required by DSS regulation 487.9.13)


WSFSSH is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer (EEO); employment is based upon employees’ qualifications without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, citizenship status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or any other protected characteristic as established by law.

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