Assistant Building Manager – Euclid Hall

Job Description:  Assistant Building Manager, Euclid


The West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc. (WSFSSH) is a community-based organization whose mission is to provide safe, affordable housing with supportive services within a residential setting, which enhances the independence and dignity of each person.  WSFSSH develops, manages, and provides housing for low- income older persons, many of whom live with mental illness and/or have experienced homelessness.  WSFSSH is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)


Under the supervision of the Building Director and associate director/clinical coordinator, The Assistant Building Manager will assist in all aspects of the administration and property management of the building, with the goal of enabling residents to live permanently and as safely and independently as possible.


Specific duties include, but are not limited to, the following:



  • Supervise front desk personnel.
  • Ensure that 24hour shifts are covered as per union contract.
  • Maintain all leave time requests.
  • Ensure that all supplies including forms are maintained.
  • Ensure that personnel is cleaning and maintaining front desk area.
  • Co-Supervise maintenance staff, and administrative staff.
  • Assist manager in maintaining active personnel files: Vacation requests, time taken (sick leave, personal days, etc.)
  • Process timesheets and submit in a timely manner.
  • Assist Manager with staff meetings, tenant / staff complaints and performance evaluations when needed.
  • Responsible for taking and maintaining minutes of all meetings.
  • Assist Manager with Social Service staff interface.
  • Coordinate with social service staff on various tenant issues including arrears, housekeeping, disruptive behavior, room maintenance, monthly tenant meetings, etc.
  • Ensure social services department receives copies of all incident reports, tenant lists and management letters to individual residents.
  • Act as liaison between tenants and staff in building manager’s absence.
  • Assist Manager with Housing Court Hearings/Trials
  • Office/Building Management and Administrative:
  • Manage general office functions.
  • Establish a 1:1 professional relationship with tenants.
  • Assist manager in responding to building violations and coordinate with Contractors and Euclid Hall staff to clear violations.
  • Reaching out to Contractors for quotes and estimates

Management Office:

  • Maintenance and distribution of all management office lists related to tenants, vendors, staff and miscellaneous documents.
  • Preparation and distribution of exterminator list to Front Desk.
  • Ordering supplies when needed: key blanks, appliance parts, office, cleaning and maintenance equipment.
  • Document vendor repair work.
  • Maintain related contract files.
  • Document problems encountered, & proposed resolutions.
  • Monitor vendor files.
  • Maintain Certificates Book / Log. Must ensure all inspection certificates and equipment inspections are current and have not expired.
  • Perform move-ins and move-outs, rent changes, activity notes and legal updates in RealPage.

Assist manager with maintaining tenants files consisting of:

  • Lease.
  • Section 8 and other income certifications.
  • Incident reports.
  • Legal correspondence.
  • Work orders.

Assist manager with maintaining monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. Reports include but are not limited to the following:

  • Arrears
  • DHCR
  • Rent Rolls
  • Legal
  • Front Desk
  • Provide assistance at the front desk as needed.

Building Maintenance:

  • Assist manager  and Superintendent with the general maintenance function of the premises including but not limited to the following:
  • Tenant room inspections
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly checklists of maintenance task for use by maintenance staff.
  • Conduct regular inspection of boiler, elevator, fuel storage tanks (If applicable), sprinkler, standpipes, etc.
  • Maintaining clear identification of all building systems; for example, plumbing valves, sprinkler standpipes, etc.
  • Enforce recycling and garbage regulations.
  • Ensure Extermination List is maintained and updated monthly and Contracts are following contract agreements.
  • Keep orderly and stock maintenance supplies.
  • Rent Collection / Arrears and Payroll Distribution:
  • Assist manager with rent collection and arrears pursuit.
  • Process coin exchanges for rent collection.
  • Pickup coin exchange and assist in verifying amounts received.
  • Make bank deposits weekly or as needed.
  • Distribute employee checks.
  • Collect all rent checks and money orders from rent deposit box and process.
  • Purchases:
  • Request quotes for purchases using authorized vendors.
  • Inspect deliveries.
  • Review and process invoices for payment.
  • Other responsibilities may include:
  • Working as a member of a team to establish and maintain high levels of care, respect for, and communication with tenants and staff.
  • Working cooperatively with other staff members.
  • Attending training sessions and conferences as required for enhancement of job skills.
  • Implementing emergency procedures as necessary.
  • Assisting with other duties as directed.

Qualifications Expected:

  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Strong communication skills, math skills and computer literacy, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Emotionally, mentally, and physically able to perform job responsibilities.
  • Prefer a minimum of two years of experience working with senior adults.
  • Prefer Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Must be able to speak, read and write in English and Spanish.
  • Other tasks or assignments as mutually agreed with supervisor(s)

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