Clinical Supervisor – 108th Street

West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing

West 108 St.

Clinical Supervisor

Job Description:

108 St. is comprised of 79 units of 1-2 bedroom apartments for families,  119 permanent supportive studio apartments and 110 Transitional Shelter beds (Valley Lodge).   Many of the residents of the supportive apartments have experienced homelessness .   Many of the residents of Valley Lodge and of the permanent supportive housing units have mental health issues, significant physical health issues and/or substance use issues.

The Clinical Supervisor will supervise the social work staff and insure the provision of professional social work services and recreation services to the residents of W. 108 St , enabling the residents to live as safely and as independently as possible.  The Clinical Supervisor reports to the Clinical Coordinator/Social Service Director of Valley Lodge and works closely with the other Administrators at W. 108 St.

Clinical Responsibilities

In conjunction with the Clinical Coordinator/DSSVL and other Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the development of a social service team at W. 108 St. that is committed to the agency mission and knowledgeable about the needs of the residents.

  • Foster learning to insure social work staff develops the skill set needed to provide effective services to the residents.
  • Meet regularly with Clinical Coordinator/DSSVL and other Clinical Supervisor to discuss resident, staff and building issues.
  • In conjunction with Clinical Coordinator/DSSVL, is responsible for the hiring and orientation of the social work staff.
  • Provide clinical supervision to social work staff, meeting with each assigned social worker for a minimum of 1 hour per week.
  • Provides additional supervision and support to social work staff as needed.
  • In conjunction with Clinical and social work team develop and schedule team meetings, peer supervision, case reviews and trainings
  • Provide non-social work staff access to clinical supervision as directed.
  • In conjunction with the Clinical Coordinator/DSSVL, hires, orientates and supervises the program aides.
  • Assist, as directed, with the supervision of medication and recreation services.
  • Understands the eligibility criteria for each unit and the appropriate referral sources for each unit.
  • As a member of the Intake Committee, reviews applications for admission, conducts applicant interviews and participates in admission decisions.
  • Provide clinical support and resources for any psychiatric emergencies experienced by residents.
  • Review and sign service plans, support plans, case management summaries, case notes and psychosocial histories within the time frames required.
  • In conjunction with CC/DSSVL, insure that all resident documentation is up to date and is in accordance with all WSFSSH and contract/regulatory guidelines and requirements.
  • In conjunction with Clinical Supervisors, audit resident records regularly to insure completeness and to monitor the quality of the documentation
  • Assist the Clinical Coordinator/DSSVL with the implementation of WSFSSH clinical and social work policies.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • In conjunction with the CC/DSSVL, insure overall compliance with all contract and regulatory agreements including DOH contract, ESSI and NY 15/15 requirements.
  • Assist with all site audits by contract agencies and assist with writing and submitting any Plans of Correction required.
  • Assist with financial audits and building inspections as needed.
  • Participate in the development of Social Work Policies and Procedures. Implement, review and update as needed.
  • Develop and maintain competency in AWARDS, CARES and other software and databases as required.
  • Assist Building Administrators and senior staff with team building and staff training.
  • Prepare and submit in a timely manner all statistic forms and other reporting forms as requires by contract agencies, regulatory agencies and WSFSSH.
  • Help facilitate monthly or quarterly meetings with Building Administrators and social work staff
  • Complete or insure all required statistical and data reports are compiled accurately and submitted to appropriate people and agencies in a timely manner.
  • Insure Incident Reports are completed on-time, contain all the required information and are submitted to the appropriate agencies and staff.
  • Work with staff on staff development and training.
  • Attend trainings and meetings as assigned.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned

Direct Services to Individual Clients

The Clinical Supervisor will carry a small case load of residents. For these residents, the Clinical Supervisor will:

Develop a 1:1 relationship with residents through individual sessions, group activities and resident meetings with the aim of helping residents establish and maintain safe and independent lifestyles.

  • Assist residents in obtaining and maintaining appropriate medical and mental health
  • Assist residents in obtaining and maintaining
  • Assist residents in obtaining and maintaining home care as needed.
  • Assist residents in establishing and/or maintaining family and social contacts
  • Through in-house and community referrals, assist residents in participating in socialization activities.
  • Assist residents with budgeting, income maintenance etc. to insure on-time payment of rent.
  • Assist residents with money management as needed.
  • Follow up with resident and other service providers during out of facility stays such as hospitalizations and/or short-term rehabilitation placements.
  • Visit residents in hospitals, nursing homes or other care facilities as needed
  • Maintain case records, including case notes, service, support or treatment plans, psychosocial histories, discharge summaries and plus updates within the time frames required by WSFSSH and the contract/regulatory agencies.
  • Maintain the thoroughness and quality of chart documentation required by WSFSSH, the regulatory/contract agencies and good social work practice.
  • Oversee the discharge planning process for residents as applicable, including the completion of all necessary discharge forms and/or applications to other facilities.
  • Provide individual counseling as needed.

                                                    Services to All Residents

  • Provide crisis intervention services
  • Visit residents in hospitals, nursing homes or other care facilities as needed
  • Facilitate community building within W. 108 St. through various modalities including group work services, activities and holiday celebrations.


  • LCSW strongly preferred. LMSW with 3-5 years experience considered if LCSW is anticipated within 18 months
  • 3-5 years social work experience
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • Experience with older adults, people who have experiences homelessness or people who live with chronic mental illness preferred.
  • Bilingual Spanish-English strongly preferred.

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