Communications and Data Manager

Job Description

Communications and Data Manager

Overview: The Communications and Data Manager (CDM) is a new position under the supervision of WSFSSH’s Chief Strategy Officer.  The CDM will help advance the following two WSFSSH priorities:

  1. Identifying, developing, and maintaining an effective communications strategy to reach internal and external stakeholders
  2. Capturing, analyzing, and presenting findings derived from demographic and performance data to inform our ongoing organizational effectiveness

COMMUNICATIONS:  Implement a robust framework of ongoing and diverse communications within WSFSSH and from WSFSSH to the outside world.  Specific tasks may include:

  • Research and recommend communication strategies to best serve WSFSSH’s internal and external communication goals
  • Test new approaches, analyze effectiveness & create reports re:  successes & failures of communications strategies
  • Produce a variety of organizational media such as newsletters, posters, presentations, video content, etc. in furtherance of WSFSSH’s internal and external communication needs. This may include creating materials wholly in-house as well as in collaboration with 3rd party consultants (graphic design, media strategists, etc).*
  • Coordinate WSFSSH’s digital communications strategy – including but not limited to Internet/Website, Intranet, social media, smartphone based applications, email, and text
  • Manage WSFSSH’s organizational communications calendar

*Fundraising-related communications may be included in this scope

DATA:  Identify and present data-driven findings to educate internal and external WSFSSH stakeholders.
Specific tasks may include:

  • Collaborate with WSFSSH staff to identify key program data for collection and analysis
  • Research and recommend data storage and analysis software solutions
  • Develop agency-wide protocols and procedures on data gathering, entry, and integrity
  • Provide support to departments in facilitating their collection of data.
  • Capture and analyze datasets across a variety of organizational program areas
  • Communicate findings orally and visually in a variety of report and presentation formats


  • Strong writing, editing, proofreading, and layout/design skills
  • Demonstrable experience analyzing and presenting findings from large datasets
  • Confident oral communicator and outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
  • Clear interest in housing and homelessness, aging, urban planning and policy, or related fields.
  • Experience in strategic and/or digital communications is a plus.

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