Housekeeper – 129th street

 129th Street Residence

West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc.


Job Description: Housekeeper

Under the supervision of the Superintendent, direct and oversee the housekeeping services to all residents with the goal of providing a clean, safe, and personalized home for all the residents at 129th Street Residence.


  • With the Superintendent, arrange schedule of tasks and auxiliary staff to insure

that all the housekeeping needs are met on a daily basis.

  • Housekeeping Services to the Resident Floors:

Complete and/or supervise the completion of the following:


Tasks / Responsibilities

  • Assure that all areas on the resident floors are clean and free of potential safety


  • Tidy the lounge and common area: surfaces and floors
  • Make the Beds
  • Clean the Bathrooms
  • Empty Trash
  • Assure each resident has access to an adequate supply of toilet paper, soap, ect.
  • Dust and clean resident rooms.
  • Vacuum the Residents Rooms
  • Change the Linens.
  • Launder the Linens.
  • Launder each resident’s personal clothing, as needed by specific residents.



  • Work as a member of a team to establish and maintain, respect for, and

communication with the residents.

  • Work cooperatively with other staff members.
  • Share information about resident’s progress, needs, and problems with

the other staff members.

  • Attend training sessions and conferences as required for the enhancement

of your job skills.

  • Implement emergency procedures when necessary.
  • Submit all required reports in a complete and timely manner.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned.


Qualifications Expected:

  • You must be 21 years of age.
  • You must be emotionally, mentally, and physically able to perform your

job responsibilities.

  • You must be able to speak, read, and write English (as required by DSS

regulation 487.9.13)


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