Personal Care Aide / Medication Room Attendant 

West Side Federation For Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc.

West 74th Street Home

Job Description:  Personal Care Aide / Medication Room Attendant 

Under the supervision of the Personal Care Program Supervisor the shift supervisor and the administrator, provide a range of services and supervision to residents of West 74th Street Home with the goal of enabling residents to live permanently at West 74th Street Home as safely and independently as possible.


  • Medication Storage: Assure that all medication is stored appropriately (in original labeled container, in accordance with safety requirements (refrigerated medications stored in refrigerator, oral medications stored separately from topical medications, controlled substances stored in double locked box, medication room always locked when not occupied by staff, medications in resident rooms stored according to Department of Health regulations.
  • Medication Administration: Assure that all medications are administered according to medication orders and in compliance with all applicable Department of Health regulations.  When assisting with medication administration, carefully watch each resident, assuring that:  The right resident, is taking the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time, by the right
  • Documentation of Medication Administration: Assure that all medication administration is documented by the individual assisting with administration and is in compliance with all applicable Department of Health regulations.  In the event of resident absence or resident refusal of medications, assure that this absence or refusal is documented in compliance with all applicable Department of Health regulations.
  • Filing: As directed, file medication documentation and have it available for review upon request.
  • Resident Weights: As directed, take and record resident weights on a monthly basis and informing resident’s physician of any changes in weight.
  • Medication Orders: In the absence of the Medication Supervisor, assure that no medication is dispensed without written orders from the prescribing practitioner.
  • Documentation of Medication Orders: In the absence of the Medication Supervisor, assure that the MAR (medication administration register, also known as the medication log) accurately reflects the written orders of the resident’s prescribing practitioner(s).  In the event of telephone order, assure that written “confirmation of telephone order” has been sent to the physician and that a copy is maintained in medication files. Assure that corrections to the MAR are made in ink, and that correction fluid or cover-labels are not used in the MAR.  Assure that any changes to the medication order are tagged on the prescription bottle, but that the prescription label is not altered.
  • Medication Supply: Assure that there is an adequate supply of medications on hand for each resident.  Specifically, in the event less than 3 day supply of medication, order refill, send in new prescription, or refer problem immediately to the medication supervisor or assigned caseworker.
  • Medication Changes: Medication changes, either in writing or by phone are typically handled by the Medication Supervisor.  In the absence of the medication supervisor:  assure that all necessary measures are taken to assure that resident receives proper medication.  Changes are made only when there is a prescribing practitioner’s written order, or when there is a “confirmation of telephone medication order” in place.    If there is a new medication prescribed, assure that the pharmacy gets the prescription and delivers new medication.  If there is a medication with dosage change and the actual pill changes, assure pharmacy gets the prescription and delivers the new medication (making sure to pull the supply of the previous dosage).  If there is a medication with a dosage change, but no new prescription (for example, the doctor changes the order from 2 pills twice a day, to one pill twice a day), the MAR is changed to reflect the change and assure that the prescription container is tagged with the change.


Assure that the personal care and housekeeping needs of residents are met.

  • Assist residents, as needed, in activities of daily living, including: bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, walking, eating, personal care
  • Escort residents to medical and other appointments
  • Daily and as often as necessary: make beds, empty garbage, clean toilet and sink, assure any health or safety issues are immediately addressed (for example:  changing soiled sheets, reporting and following through on any needed emergency repairs)
  • Assist with laundry and linens, as needed.
  • As directed: assure the lobby, common areas of the mezzanine, and sidewalks are clean and free of hazards
  • As directed: monitor residents entering and leaving the building, responding to behaviors which might be dangerous to self or others (for example: if a resident is leaving the building, but appears disoriented and confused, response might include talking with the resident and encouraging him/her to stay in the lobby, notifying social service staff, or even calling 911 depending on the circumstances).
  • As directed, perform other “front desk” duties, including, but not limited to: monitoring persons entering and leaving the building, answering intercoms and telephones,  performing building safety rounds.


  • Work as a member of the team to establish and maintain high level of care and respect for and communication with residents.
  • Work cooperatively with other staff members
  • Share information about resident progress, needs, and problems with other staff
  • Attend training sessions and conferences as required for enhancement of job skills
  • Implement emergency procedures as necessary
  • Submit all required reports in a complete and timely manner
  • Assist with other duties as directed


  • Minimum of 1 year experience working with dependent persons
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Able to work in a multi-cultural environment, with staff and residents
  • Emotionally, mentally, and physically able to perform job responsibilities.
  • Able to speak, read, and write English (as required by DSS regulation 487.9.13)

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