To “I Am a Woman,” by Koko Taylor

The music is great
It lifts a weight
It makes me think of how to escape
It comes at me with fury and force
I am riding on a horse
I think of only workers
And no boss.
For I am a woman
Sylvia Ringel

I am woman
Watch me fly over towns and villages
I can do the impossible with ease
I have direction and scope.
So don’t trifle with me!
Jill Gottfried

I feel a little lifted up
I feel like I could face the world.
Because I am a woman.
Lillian Ross

I used to have a beautiful face
I used to have Elizabethan eyelids
I used to have hair thick and luxurious
I used to wear rosebuds in my hair
Putting on makeup was sheer rapture,
Like painting a portrait.
Cynthia Rexer

Freedom to rise above the mire
I want my voice heard
Small as it may be
Trite as it may be
Unintelligible as it may be
I want it heard
Jill Gottfried

Blowing the sweet, sexy, salty trumpet
Feeling its tinny body in my fingers
Flying high with the smell of smoke
And the sultry sounds
Jill Gottfried