Registered Dietitian

The West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing

2345 Broadway

New York, New York 10024


Job Description—Registered Dietitian


The West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc. (WSFSSH) is a community-based organization responding to the need for low-cost housing.  Our mission is to provide safe, affordable housing with supportive services within a residential setting which enhances the independence and dignity of each person.  WSFSSH develops, manages, and provides social services in housing for low-income persons, especially those who are older, who have experienced homelessness and who live with mental illness.

The dietitian will work with the tenants and staff of the 5 program buildings, the 4 SROs and the 4 independent apartment buildings, the 120s Cluster Apartments and 2 Senior Centers to address the nutritional needs of the tenants in building specific ways.


Program Buildings

  • The West Seventy-Fourth Street Home, 300 Amsterdam Ave.
  • Frederic Fleming House, 443 W. 22 St.
  • 129 St. Residence, 109 W. 129 S
  • Valley Lodge Transitional Shelter, 340 W.85 St.
  • The Claremont- 1421 College Ave, Bronx
  • Douglas House- Senior Center
  • Millbrook Terrace, 570 E. 137th St. Bronx
  • Ben Michalski Residence, 149 W. 84th St.


In each of these buildings, the dietitian will work with the Administrator, Food Service Staff, other staff, and residents to ensure that the food service program is meeting the nutritional needs of the residents. The responsibilities of the dietician will include:


  • Ensuring compliance with all contract requirements related to nutrition and DOH response and reports.
  • Developing and monitoring program menus.
  • Creating and testing new standardized recipes
  • Providing staff training related to nutrition.
  • Providing nutritional education to residents.

SRO’s and Independent Apartments

  • The Westbourne (SRO), 930 West End Ave.
  • John and Carroll Kowal House (SRO), 149 Manhattan Ave.
  • Euclid Hall (SRO), 2345 Broadway.
  • The Revella (SRO) 307 W. 116 St.
  • The Marseilles Apartments, 230 W. 103 St.
  • The Red Oak Apartments, 135 W. 106 St.
  • The Fania Gersham House (Apts.), 140 W. 105 St.
  • Kurt and Leah Schneider Apartments, 11 W. 102 St.
  • The 120s Cluster, 152 W. 123 St.


Within these buildings, the dietitian will develop and/or maintain nutrition programs that provide a variety of services.  The services vary from building to building but range from activities related to nutrition and meal preparation as well as the provision of nutrition counseling to residents. The dietitian will work closely with the Food Service Director to ensure the nutrition programs are successfully addressing resident need.  The responsibilities of the dietitian will include:



  • Developing healthy, culturally sensitive menus for the congregate meal program.
  • Providing cooking demonstrations for residents.
  • Providing workshops on shopping for nutritious food items.
  • Providing nutrition education to tenants.
  • Providing individual counseling sessions to residents to address their nutritional needs.
  • Involving residents in the nutrition program.


Senior Centers


  • The Center @ Red Oak Apartments
  • Douglas House Senior Center
  • Millbrook Senior Center


For the Center at Red Oak, the Chef will work with the Center Director, Building Administrator, other staff and Center members to ensure that the meal programs are providing the required meals and providing the meals as stated in the building’s menu. The responsibilities of the Dietitian will include:



  • Providing nutrition education to tenants.
  • Address any issues that related to the food vendors to the Food Service Director.
  • Budgeting and budget compliance of the food programs.


Agency Responsibilities


The Dietitian will work with agency staff, including the CFO, to track and monitor all agency food budgets. WSFSSH currently uses a central supplier, AFI, for its food purchases as well as other smaller food vendors. The responsibilities of the dietitian will include:


  • Monitor each program budget on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Provide information on budget status to appropriate staff
  • Sign all food invoices on a biweekly basis for each building in accounting office.
  • Maintain regular contact with the Food Service Director on all food related vendors: central vendor, dairy, meat, and bread vendors.
  • Responsible for all vendor negotiations and evaluating/changing vendors based on needs of WSFSSH (pricing, ordering, delivery days, reliability, etc.) in conjunction with Food Service Director.



Program Development


WSFSSH is continually developing new programs and new housing. Many of these new programs will include food service programs as well as nutrition education and counseling services.  The Dietitian may be involved in the planning, development of these programs.


Additional Responsibilities


  • Assist in maintaining program records and preparing reports as required.
  • Create spreadsheets, budgets, and other documentation needed for future meal programs, potential grants.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Professional Requirements

  • Registered Dietitian preferred. B.A. with experience considered.
  • Experience in working with special populations
  • Experience in staff supervision preferred.
  • Competency in Excel and Microsoft Office
  • Good communication skills—oral and written.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • High degree of flexibility and good ability to work independently.

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