Who We Are

West Side Federation For Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc. (WSFSSH) was formed in 1976 by a coalition of social service agencies, religious institutions, and community organizations. Together we worked to create a new form of housing – one that would meet the diverse needs of older people and persons living with special needs. Our first building, the Marseilles, opened in 1980 and provided 134 independent apartments to low income elderly and handicapped individuals.

Our Mission 

Over the years, as our understanding of the need for low-income housing has expanded so has our response. In addition to serving independent seniors, we now serve frail elderly individuals, older persons living with serious mental illnesses, homeless individuals, persons living with physically handicapping conditions, grandparents raising their grandchildren, and families. Today we house over 2,500 people in 30 buildings located on the Upper West Side, and in Harlem, Chelsea, and the Bronx. All WSFSSH housing is developed and run by WSFSSH.

The WSFSSH supportive housing model integrates compassionate property management with on-site social services. Working together with our residents, our mission is to provide safe and affordable housing that supports the dignity of each individual and enhances community both inside and outside our buildings. WSFSSH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our DEI Values

WSFSSH is committed to embracing, embodying and practicing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to model DEI by becoming culturally competent and responsive to DEI as it impacts our organization systemically and structurally through our policies, procedures, programs, and practices. As DEI continues to evolve, we desire to become a leading senior and supportive housing organization where we are known as DEI champions for our staff, residents, and communities that we serve.